Does God Answer Prayer?

Does God respond to prayer? Or probably even more to the point, why does not God answer my prayers?

This is probably the most emotionally difficult of all the questions we ask about prayer. We read of Jesus stating “if you ask anything in my name I will do it”. We hear Jesus say, “How much more will the Daddy offer the Holy Spirit to those who ask for it?” And also yet our prayers do not get the answer. We pray and also ask God to heal our friends, our partners, our hubbies, our boys and also little girls. We think, “Surely a caring God would have it in His will to recover.” And also yet, God heals so rarely that when He does, we call it a miracle, something uncommon. Generally, we ask God to heal – and also He does not.

We make various other urgent prayer request. We request for money, we ask for autos, we request for remedy for stress and anxiety; we request for jobs; we request for new tasks. We ask that our moms and dads would end up being Christians; we ask that our youngsters would become Christians. As well as often God says “Yes.” Only in some cases. Our experience of addressed prayer does not match up with Jesus’ extravagant assurance of “anything”.

But due to the fact that we have Jesus’ assurance, we hesitate to claim, “God does not respond to prayer.” So we produce justifications for Him. Our experience says that God is a phony, and also we try to safeguard Him versus our experience. We state things like “God constantly answers prayer. Sometimes He says “Yes”, occasionally He claims “No,” and often He claims “Wait a while.” Or we say that God always responds to in his very own time. We broach exactly how God does constantly recover – it’s simply that frequently healing contains “taking the unwell individual residence.” It appears that we frantically want to hang on to the belief that God does, as a matter of fact, hear our prayers and address us.

Why is this?

I believe it is a wisdom that the Holy Spirit leads us right into, to help us browse the gap in between our objectives in starting the Christian life, as well as God’s functions for our life in Christ.

We undoubtedly begin our life in Jesus wanting God to work according to our needs. We desire redemption; we want material blessings; we want what we want when we desire it. As well as also in one of the most extensive conversion experience, we really regard God as one more way of getting what we desire. Obviously our needs change, a minimum of a little, when we convert – we currently desire salvation, for example – yet the underlying system of our desire hasn’t (yet) altered a whit.

God’s desire for us, on the various other hand, is to make us right into animals that can fully join His life. He desires us best, absolutely participated in the flow of love in between the Father and also the Son that produces the Divine Spirit. The space between our needs and God’s wish is so excellent that it took Jesus’ fatality to load it. And also the procedure we must experience in crossing back over that gap tortures us and also our needs – as well as most importantly, the framework of our desires – equally as certainly as Jesus passed away.

So we require encouragement as we enter that makeover procedure. Therefore, at the start of our stroll in Christ, it seems that God responds to a lot of our prayers. As we slowly begin to become more like Jesus, it looks like addressed prayers become fewer. This in turn motivates us to find why God is no more claiming “yes” to our requests – specifically taking into account Jesus’ promise.

Ultimately, we notice the condition Jesus put on His pledge: “if you ask in my Name” – and start to wonder, “What does it suggest to pray for Jesus?” And we begin to feeling, or possibly we are told, that it means to hope in the character and being of Jesus.

Our desire to have our petitions responded to after that, in turn, leads us to ask God to provide us the personality of Jesus. As well as at that point the job heightens, as the Holy Spirit constructs right into us the wishes of the One who prayed, “Not my will, yet Thine be done.” We have actually started the lengthy, long, long roadway away from wanting what we desire, when we desire it. However it is our count on Jesus’ guarantee that leads us to take the very first steps on that particular roadway.

Does God address prayer? Well, He does take us at our word when we say, “I intend to be like Jesus.”

Does God address prayer? Often, and also constantly in the context of shaping us to be like Christ.

Why does not God address my petitions? At the very least several of the time, it’s due to the fact that Him saying “yes” to our petitions would make us much less like Christ, which is His objective. If you can take heart from it, eventually He functions in us up until we go past the words, and also actually do desire to be like Jesus. And to that prayer, He constantly states, “Yes.”. More words of wisdom to enlighten you, just click on the link mentioned above.


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